Friday, 10 February 2012

You lie like cheap watch

Last night, as I was going to sleep, Jof said it was snowing, so I dreamt of drifts and icicles and days off school and toboggans and triple salcos on frozen ponds. And what greeted my eager eyes upon awakening? Drizzle.
I didn't want to get up today, what I need is a week off. If I get 6/6 on the spelling test, I won't have to go up chimneys! Jof had another go at the Valentine's cakes today and they were much better, even though I wasn't there to encourage her with constructive criticism.
children in the boot of the car
At end-of-half-term, I brought home yet another cardboard creation while Jof sold cakes on the cake stall. Then she said she'd bought a car. While I was at school, she'd taken a sly day off and bought a new car, the estate version, no less, so all we need now is an estate to drive around. This meant we had to empty the old one, which has done its duty over the years and is now mostly held together with welds and rewelds. We filled 4 large bags and there were a few more random things such as petrolcan, fire extinguisher, a cuddly elephant, 3 ice scrapers, emergency triangle, 3 roadmaps, a million pens and some polos.
singing happy birthday with cake and party masksI'd never seen most of this stuff before. I also noticed the side indicator was falling off but it was still attached by its cable so that's OK. Erin arrived to take Pops to Rainbows and she showed off her Barney Bear and her eyeliner which was from where her class dressed up as pirates today.
Incidentally, while Jof was spending my inheritance on a new motor, Bud was buying 3 more jugs of brown milk which travelled home in the child seat, like last time. I did get 6/6 on the spelling test. At swimming, I was the only one in the class so got 100% teacher-time.
pillow fighting with no shirtsEventually we left the house and arrived, freezing cold, at Beths'. From there onwards it was a standard Puddle event with the adults talking in the kitchen while we had nudie-room pillow fights and played in Beths' bedroom and so forth. They seemed to like the brown milk and we all sang happy birthday twice because Beth was so good at blowing out the candles, they had to be relit for her to have another go. Bob played cricket with a guitar and some balloons and managed not to hit anything or anyone. After nearly 3 hours we started getting fractious so they called time on what was a most enjoyable get-together for all.
Jof put me to bed while Bud had another altercation with a flowerbed and bent his glasses.

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