Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sooterkins: alone in a crowd

marriage and pistol licences funny sign
I came home with yet another "Your child has had a nose bump" notification. Soon I shall look like one of those spectacularly ugly pug dogs that look like they've been chasing parked cars.
Wednesday Park was cold so we wrapped up severely. Ben was away and the JBs couldn't make it so I was alone. Until Brandon, that is. He's a schoolmate in the class I was in last year and after only 2 meetings he knows about my pet sillyman. curly slide fun in park
So we went on the swinging basket until Brandon was laughing so much he had to get off or vomit on himself. We played giggle attack chase until he left. Then I was on my own, apart from the 5 girlies (in the 9-11 region) playing slide-bundle (where the first one down tries to stop everyone else and you end up in a big pile). They said I was cute and adopted me so I ended up bundling with 5 giggling girls which I found somewhat intriguing and energising for some reason. Even that had to finish so after a full hour of warming exercise, we ran home.

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