Thursday, 16 February 2012

Some girls like that kind of thing

monopoly go to jail tshirt in mugshot funny
Full day with Nanna, train time! We drove through deepest Sussex to the Bluebell Railway which wends its rural way through wildlife-infested countryside on a reconditioned relic of the golden age of steam, when the railway network seemed to go everywhere.
bluebell railway stationI got to go in the cab and see the fire and the water and the coal but I wasn't allowed to shovel any, even though I've been feeding fires for years.
antique steam train on bluebell railway sussexThe railway has the longest preserved tunnel ever, under a village, and at one point we had to stop because there were sheep on the line. We also saw fieldmice, rabbits, deer, pheasants and millions and millions of kids who all had the same half-term idea as us.

steam locomotive engine In the train shop we bought a turntable and shed combo to go on the wooden train track I share with door of steam train passenger carriage footplate

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