Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Saucy Arethusa

swinging on the hanging basket in the parkToday was the day the PuddleDaddies had yet another beer festival to go to, this time it was so far away they had to take two taxis and a ferry to get there. soft play area pirate petes clarence pier southsea
So first thing, Bud and I did the usual walk through the park just to get some quality time spent before he left for the day.
pirate treasure map clarence pier portsmouthBensDad failed to attend the Puddle Expeditionary Force outing due to an allergy to whisky so his ticket remains unused, and PopsDad had to go to London to wet a baby. Portsmouth City Band (same band as last time) played oompah music including the Saucy Arethusa from the Proms sea shanties.
portsmouth beer festival winterfest ticket and programmeWhile all this was going on Jof took me to Pirate Petes' which had 2 birthday parties going on so was heaving. Afterwards I ate what passes for food in the Wimpy next door, possibly even crapper fare than MacDougalls. The rest of the Piddlers were at Erins' place but I just played with Jof. Then he arrived back and after supper, bath fizzer night took place as scheduled.
Jof has learnt crocheting from her mother. Nanna has made me various granny-blankets with the coloured squares using this method, Jof has always been crotchety but now it's official.

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