Friday, 3 February 2012

Volcanoes in space

fuoco dell' etna red spirit drinkfuoco del vulcano red spiritFriday! And Space Project exhibition day.
I may celebrate afterwards with a couple of Fuoco dell' Etnas (Fire of Etna) or its poorer cousin Fuoco del Vulcano - crimson ambrosia at 70%, with a .... unique bouquet that speaks of magma, mineral-rich wooded slopes and slightly leaky distillation apparatus. Availed myself of a few of these cheeky throat-ticklers on a trip to Sicily back in 2002/3 (I forget - previous incarnation). OK, so they're touristy tat but having climbed Etna and viewed the fumaroles of Vulcan (no pointy ears, but lots of sulphur) I felt I had to bring some back, and I heartily recommend them.
This weeks' spelling test result - 7/7. I am victorious. Speaking of victorious, thank you all for pushing me past 20,000 page visits! Swimming was great again, everything is freezing cold (including the fountain in Commercial Road), but I'm not because I've got extra thick socks.
plasticine solar system school space project
school workbook with space facts and planetarium vist report
The space exhibition went well. I proffer items #1 - our plasticine solar system (collaborative effort) and #2, my report on our planetarium trip and some salient space facts, free translation follows for all!

Then we went to a dome waie we sat on sum soft chaies warl woching a star show. After that we looked at sheets.
Then we ue lised to him men will lining to Him and we went Home on the coch
The sun
The sun is made of fier.
there is no life on the sun becoes it is way to hot. the sun is made out of gas. It is the star that gives us day time becoes it is the onlie thing that has lite. It is the bigist star in the holle galixse.
The moon
the moon has lots of crates. the moon its the nirist to us. you never go on the bark sied of the moon. there is no life on the moon.
man on the moon
neil Armstrong and BuSS Aldrin and michael collines went on the apollo 11 to get to the moon to colleckt rexe on 20 July 1969.

Incidentally, Johnny says it's so cold, why can't we have Beer'O'Clock at Krazy Kaves? I strenuously agree with him.

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