Thursday, 9 February 2012

Torque in a moment (Hablamos Luego)

funny church sign let the church help kill you
Thursday is one of my few free afternoons so was looking forward to a playdate with Ben, but they cancelled in order to complete a project on pond life, of all things. Bud was very sad at being blown out by BensMum. So we looked up the Cosham Playzone (where I had my 4th birthday) and found they shut at 430 pm! What good is that?
I suppose I shouldn't worry, Grandma is missing learning-to-walk-again training today because she and her fellow patients have all got the C.diff hospital superbug.
eating crisps and M+M cakes in krazy Kaves portsmouthThe council is going to take away one of the 3-piece suites, pre-flame retardant material so has to be taken to the tip.
soft play toddlers area krazy kaves portsmouthAs we weren't going to Playzone, we opted for Krazy Kaves instead. Although I have Kaved there many times, it's been a while so when I arrived I was pleased to see classmates Billy (the one that keeps hitting me in the face) and India (the one who's so naughty she got us fined 25 minutes of golden time) and at least 6 or 8 other yellow-shirted school companions.
As usual, we went on missions and made dens in the baby area. I seem to make dens with everyone, not sure if it's a hardwired fear of open spaces or a genetic memory about the advantages of home ownership. We adopted Billy onto our table which was fine as you never need the whole jug of orange squash, and I had one of those cakes with M+Ms on, and we worked hard (including the mandatory poo break) for over 90 minutes before it was time at the bar.
Jof started her Valentine's cakes for tomorrow. They didn't work very well and didn't look like her practice cakes. I sat on the work surface and said "They're not doing well" etc repeatedly, which didn't seem to encourage her.

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