Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fly me to the moon

school project space storyboardfunny fail hooter not telescopeYesterday our teachers challenged us to make rocket ships as part of our space/man on the moon theme for this half-term. A week or 2 ago I took in a dozen empty tubes from the industrial clingfilm at Buds' work: these have been hastily hacksawed into 3 fairly equal pieces by our very own groundskeeper Willie.
So yesterday we were each issued with one third of a tube and asked to design our own, with help from the parents.
CAD software space storyboard design projectAs you may know from C. Montgomery Burns, the truly evolved person makes that extra grab for personal glory. Thus I have instructed Bud to cut a fresh tube into half, not a third, so that when on display, my rocket will stand nosecone and warhead above the others.
Today I brought back login details for my online space storyboard design project, here are 2 of my best frames. Once logged into the system, I took the time to sabotage, add pictures of willies to, or simply delete the projects of my classmates in order to boost my scores.
schoolfriends under a wooden dining table
This afternoon I went to LittleMaxs' for tea. It started with the usual dens and soldier attacks, and after supper it finished with the usual gripes and tantra (he took all the orange maoam sweeties/OK he can have them but I'll sulk/don't wanna do my spelling/etc). But really I had a great time and LittleMax will feel much better and will have forgotten all about it once he's had a big sleep.
On the way home it was cold but the full moon appeared orange, which was nice. Then I did my spelling and got all my bs and ds the wrong way round - Decemder, unber, and the more difficult dangerous coming out as banros. Finally we finished the game of monopoly. I had 3 houses on Mayfair but in the end I just landed on him more than he on me, so I capitulated (and left him to clear up the mess).

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