Sunday, 19 February 2012

The unexpected horse

feeding grass to a horse This morning I was up for 7 something. I knew this would not go down well so tried lying doggo for a bit: I cannot remain inert for long so hid in the TV room.
In a continuation of the "You come shopping with me and I'll take you to a new swingpark" deal, we visited a little park in Farlington to try out their climbing apparatus etc. homemade rockets for school space project
wooden obstacles in play parkIt was a medium, grade B park but what it did have was recently cut grass and 3 very hungry horses just the other side of the fence. So I joined in with the other kids and did my bit for the war effort by helping create some horse manure.
family game of monopolyWhen we got home, bouncing beauty "Popsicle" arrived and so I just went round to her place. We did dens again. Today, during his run, Bud left the first couple of speaking number rocks on the seafront for potential new disciples to find. Either they will have enquiring minds and look me up, or they won't. While this was going on, Jof and I finished the rocket project. My class has been asked to create space rockets (using the industrial cardboard tubes from Buds' work) and not only have we cheated by deliberately cutting a new tube to make a longer rocket than everyone else's, we've done 2. Both have fiery exhausts and pointy nose cones, one has an alien as well.
Jof insisted on a family activity so I beat him at Monopoly, she's proving more resilient.

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