Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Some girls don't

diet water engrish product funny fail
I need to finish my rocket to take into school next week. So Jof and I bought some conical party hats for the 1 silver one in the collection, this to make the nose cone. I dangled the alien from the kinder egg therein and now it's just a matter of adding the fiery exhaust.
motherboard locating pins stuck to neodymium disc drive magnetsWhen we went shopping for party hats we found that Xmas decorations were still available at 50p per enormous box so we know exactly what colour presents Nanna is going to give us this year. Of course we had to abandon at least 1 shopping trolleyful because of a toilet alert but that just makes life interesting. Amazingly, we got a double-decker bus back home, you don't usually see them on our streets.
He brought me some motherboard spikes for my O-level metalwork project and we found they were attracted to our super-strong magnets so made spiky gorgon heads/magneto-porcupines for a bit.
I signed an extremely large Valentines' card to Jof. At what age should I stop carding my mother?

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