Saturday, 11 February 2012

A very very busy day

boy holding five thousand cash in £50 notesNobody except me wanted to get up this morning. Gradually my breakfast arrived but I noticed that the chef went back to bed and it was only me in charge of the remote control until 11ish. I also spent some time making a chimeric lego hero called KillBladder.
Then it was rush rush rush as we took the old car (dead car driving) down to Southsea to draw out the cash bundle-bonanza that sounded its death knell.
We tried to siphon off some petrol to give to PopsDad but there was some kind of grille designed to foil petrol-siphoners built into the tank so we couldn't do it.
Our car must be very valuable because the garage said they'd give us £150 part exchange for it. The bank girlies were very nice and I sat on the counter watching them handle my wedge like a hawk.
ford focus estate
Then we did the bottlebank walk and bought pies for lunch from good old Bransbury Park Butchers. Then we took the five and a half grand I was posing with earlier and bought a car with it. We drove the old car on its final run all of 600 yards to the garage and we abandoned it to the knackers yard.boy in boot of car I wopped my wad on the counter and the new car was ours.
The new car is much longer than the old one and it's absolutely packed with flaps and knobs and buttons and secret compartments and all sorts of groovy stuff we're only beginning to learn about.
 slab of ice from frozen pondThe boot has an extendable cover thing so we can smuggle at least 3 illegal immigrants in every time we travel: I reckon I can sleep in the boot if we have to get up early to catch the redeye etc. Jof stalled it twice as we kangarooed down the road to the petrol station (£63, so we'd better not have to fill up for a while) and then we went down to the seafront while Jof got to watch football. Bud drove and he stalled the car twice and made some inventive grinding noises with the gearbox. Plus the car alarm went off a few times but we don't know why. On the beach we found a speaking rock and a number rock and subsequently some frozen ponds in the sunken gardens by the Pyramids. He retrieved some decent slabs of ice for me to throw. I refused to finish my supper so was put straight to bed without bath fizzer night.

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