Friday, 24 February 2012

Back in black and marching forth

funny fail fire engine on fire
Happy Friday! I got 6/6 on the spelling again so yah boo sucks. (Who is this Yah Boo person anyway?) This means more £££ in my lego track savings plan piggy bank which has since been renamed the lego yellow lorry savings plan.
Victory in swimming! I have been promoted. I am now officially the wearer of the orange hat (second class) so in a touching ceremony I handed back the red hat of beginnership (and the spare one we found in the changing room one day so we wouldn't get charged £1 if we lost the first one) and the receptionist gave me 2 orange hats, thus legitimizing the finders keepers hat.
As a direct reward (maybe) I got to go to the pub this evening.
All us PuddleKids love to go to the pub, especially our favourite hostelry just the other side of swingpark.
kids playing on pirate ship in pub garden
 This has led to some questionable comments from all of us in school: "I love to go to the pub/going to the pub is my favourite thing/Yay it's Friday, we can go to the pub" etc.
I scooted there which gave me tired legs. All the boys were there as was Erin, who felt a little left out of our manly games until we crowned her Queen Of Us and we all climbed on the shed roof by using the metal gate with footholds.
The roof is a little bouncy when 2 or 3 of us jump up and down on it but don't let the rotted shed door fool you, it's as sound as a pound.
making a den in the beer garden
This was going really well and nobody had fallen off and broken their bones but then the pub landlord came out and said if we ever got on there again, we'd all be barred. It comes to something when you get barred from the pub when you're only 6.
We found solace in making dens with the broken slide under the pirate ship. The big plastic bits don't balance very well so they did slide around a lot and crush fingers and bang heads so at one point 3 of us were howling, but we worked it out and the adults managed to get 3 pints in before time was called.

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