Sunday, 26 February 2012

Young, Dumb and full of youthful exuberance

branch lopper or twig chopper to cut sticks
It took me ages to clear up the den mess we'd made yesterday. Then, just when I thought I could relax, PopsDad brought round a broken cupboard and a huge pile of branches, to save him a second trip to the tip. So I chopped all the branches with my giant "Fiskars" chopper so they could all fit into the drying-out house.
moorings way reclaimed land coastal defencesThen BensDad summoned us to the bouncy paths on the common for biking. We were in such a rush to leave I forgot to have lunch.
help for heroes services memorial portsmouthBeth and Ben were already at the seaside when we got there and soon enough we started digging for treasure in amongst the giant blocks of concrete and brick that make up the sea defences.  
off road cycling on nature reserve We did our bit for coastal erosion by finding such delights as "Small piece of broken plate", "Area of blackened earth" and the all-time favourite "Plastic bottle-cork inscribed Gosport". Then we cycled to the soldiers' memorial and on to Bens' house as Beth was getting cold. She also fell onto the pavement nose first which didn't help. We settled down to play lego hero rebuild and attack, which did leave Beth out a bit. Jof took over duties from Bud and when going home was mooted, we played junior scrabble and are already devious challengers. Ben and I could probably play together for 6 weeks straight without getting bored.

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