Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Some girls will, some girls won't

The mystery of the number rocks is no more. Sculptor Pete Codling made, numbered and fired clay pebbles at his home on Hayling Island and threw them into the sea for future generations to find. He got foreign visitors to join in and inscribe their own messages, locals (such as the numerous volunteers that built Wymering community centre, divers schoolchildren and the association for the blind) and anyone that walked past his stall on exhibition days. The One Million Pebbles project lasted from 1994 to 2009 until it ran out of funding half way through. Many will be lost forever in the mud at the bottom of the Solent, but out of the 500,000 scattered, plenty have resurfaced and will continue to do so for many years to come. People find them, take them home or throw them back.
pete codling 1 million pebbles southsea seafront number rocks INSCRIBED IN PEN LIKE MY SIBLINGS TEN SOME NEAR SOME FAR BUT EACH ONE A STAR
Our first one went north with the fishtank when we sold it on Ebay. I now have 65 which is more than any one man strictly needs and so I will start to repatriate them to the sea from whence they sprung this spring, having written little messages on them (thus each can be both a number rock and a speaking rock, propagating the confusion). Perhaps American or other touristy types will take them home as a souvenir and then look me up and become disciples. Further stony fun can be found HERE!
small pile of unmelted snowAnyway, today we drove to Nannas' in the new car.
While Jof nipped out for a wee, I put all the headrests up to make the car look different.
playing card game with grandmaWe got there on schedule and I noted the lumps of snow that still remained and wowed Nanna with my ability to play cards. Then we started on a boat rack project to keep my schoolwork in, this may or may not work out. Tomorrow we'll visit the Bluebell Line - a real steam train run by railway enthusiasts who are gradually extending the network.
Clearly I will miss Wednesday Park today. But, like me, many of the regulars are away for half term so too bad. One of my embedded secret agents informs me that Bobert was there, but in the care of "Ethan", an unknown entity.

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  1. thats a great photo of your pebble collection, any chance you could share them on the One Million Pebble Facebook page by uploading the photo please. bw pete


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