Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blue-green and planetoidy

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gangsta child in winter attireThursday, so my last chance to practice for the spelling test tomorrow. I'm not sure how the teacher will react if I get focus wrong again and shout out "Fockers!" like I did yesterday. Speaking of which, Jof and I were playing my board game last week when I came to a fork in the track. "Will you be going this way?" she said: "B***ocks to that!" I retorted, "That way's full of red squares, I'm going the other way". She told me I couldn't say that, which was patently untrue, as I'd already said it. Reminds me of the time when I was 2 and I correctly pronounced 'Metamorphosis' and later stated "I can't say dromedary". It's so difficult to know what you can and can't say. I hope Ben has stopped saying the focus-related rude word he learned from his Dad in the Pirate Ship Pub.
complicated wooden train track from tescoPlus, today, 2nd February (Candlemas) is Groundhog day (again) and, as per an old Germanic tradition, Punxsutawney Phil will make his weather prediction from Gobbler's Knob as he has done since 1886. Either they bung Phil back in the stasis booth every time or he's really Phil son of Phil son of Phil etc.
Jof pressed snooze 7 times this morning so we were late again. I got a "Nose bump" chit to take home because Billy punched me in the nose. This goes with the bruised cheek and existing nasal damage from a couple of weeks ago. Pass the rhinoplasty, please.....

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