Monday, 6 February 2012

Investiture: sleeper agent Mungleton

come a little closer fail london underground poster
Our first mission was to take my old baby high chair/desk combo round to my old nursery, for I can't fit in it any more and they have little people who can. It's better to pass it on rather than just burn it, but it was a close-run thing.
nursery playground with caterpillar tunnelInside there's the main hallway and stairs where they have picture collections of various year groups doing activities such as Comic Relief 2009, Easter Bonnet parade 2005 etc. We could see the summer 2008 board which had all the favourites - The JBs, Pops, both Erins, Poppy C, Zak, Jacob, me, Ben and Conor. So Bud lined up the camera to take a picture of the pictures for posterity.
No sooner was his arm raised than Helen the well-stacked supervisor said no, sir, you can't possibly take a picture of the children. I guess we knew that was coming, but we're practically the official photographers of the Puddlers, I'm certainly the poster boy. It's just another depressing example of the modern paranoia of officialdom. After all, anyone seeing that picture could travel back in time 3 years and abduct one of us. I guess the fact that I'm still here proves it. So we took a picture of a damp and deserted playground with one abandoned caterpillar tube thing and hints of wooden fence.
beaver scout declaration prayerbeaver scout investiture ceremonyBeaver Scout day. Today I was invested which means I did the hand-in-the-air declaration and got a scarf, woggle and six badges! Nanna can sew them on next week. We also did parachute folding and learning how to do the 3-finger salute. This was easy for me as I invented it back in the 6th century as Gregory, the 64th Pope (Pontifex Maximus) during one of my earlier incarnations.

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