Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hibernation day

Whitney Houston has died so I look forward to "I will always love eeeeyooo-oowoo-ooeeoo-awooo" being played continuously again, because it always sets the dogs off, it'll sound like the 6 o'clock howl in 101 Dalmatians.
children in the boot of the carWoke up with an unexpected vomit, that got them out of bed. I told you I was ill, that's why I didn't eat my supper. We all went shopping and Jof drove so she can practice for when she drives me to Nannas' later in the week. As we returned, the Pops family got back from the seafront. PopsMum had just finished a half-marathon and was cold and tired, but she had been awarded a gold medal for finishing it. She is too thin. Pops investigated my spacious mobile love nest which now has picnic blankets etc as well as the privacy screen seen hiding us here. While Bud went for his own run, Jof and I spied the quadruple Belgian chocolate cookies he'd bought and sort of got stuck on the sofa. We piled up extra pillows and 2 blankets and made ourselves a chocolate-fuelled hibernation station.

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