Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just Popping in

game of monopoly in progressSundays are for lazing around. Thus I was still wearing pyjamas at lunchtime and had only just been forced into dressing properly when Firecracker Mama "Pops" arrived. We denned and jumped and made trains and watched Peppa Pig and did all the usual stuff. We rigged up a magic curtain over my bedroom door to stop adults getting in and seeing what we were up to. When PopsMum finally came to pick her up, I deliberately stayed upstairs because PopsMum always tries to kiss me and snog me and she says she wants to eat me. I don't like being kissed by girls. Don't tell Erin.
While Bud was on his run, he found that most of the message rocks (see yesterdays' post) had gone. This is a shame but I'm sure the Pebbly Poster will make more.

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