Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Days without ΞΨЮЂЭ incident: 23

found cat is badger fail sign
Went to view cars today. I test sat one as well (I'm not allowed to test drive any yet).
We'd told Grandad about our plans and that if we bought the Ford Focus not the Mondeo, we might be able to afford to get windows as well, double glazing in my room would be nice. He said here we go again, we give you money for one thing, and you end up getting something else. You're supposed to be buying a car, not software.
Poor chap. He tries.
So after school I stropped that Erin wasn't coming round to ours, he should have looked in his crystal ball. And then I didn't want to do the job up the ladder but when he'd done it for me, I changed my mind and got huffy, all the usual stuff.
Walked to the car showrooms in the bitter cold, still stropping and huffing, which didn't warm me up.
test driving a second hand vehicle
It seems that you can have a wide variety of cars of all shapes and sizes, all in the right price range, as long as you don't mind that they've been driven to the moon and back. I sat in one of them and turned on all the lights and wipers.
They told me I could only test-drive with the steering wheel which was a bit dull so I turned on the radio and all the lights and wipers again.
As I left hurriedly, the disembodied voice of a nice Japanese woman told me I'd left the lights on, which was thoughtful of her.
They have 2 statues, one that roars if you go too close, and one with snakes on that sits in a car but exists only from the nipples up. You can see him in this picture.
We tried the car showroom over the road and were thankful that it had a heated office. It's extremely small so we all sat on the nice man's desk and talked about the pre-loved cars he had, which seemed similar.
During spelling practice tonight I tried focus again and came up with FOCKOES, which was wrong. I then tried out a variety of pronunciations while he went pink, flared his nostrils and managed not to laugh.
It's very cold and the weather-guesser says it'll be -2° tomorrow morning. I know this is nothing to my Swedish and Canadian readers but those in Oz and Saudi should feel lucky.

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