Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another day older and deeper in debt

beaver scout uniform sweatshirt in turquoise
murderous mum warning in clean kitchen funny sign
Day of rain so missed playtimes.
At pickup time Erin and I tried as before to railroad ErinsMum into letting her come back to mine but she was busy. So I drove up to Tangier Road where there is a shop that does Beaver scouts uniform (amongst other things). Even though they had just had a delivery I got the last top in the shop. It's big enough to last me 2 years + and also to hold the millions of badges I'm sure to get.
monster mates compressed candy skeleton in coffinThe nice lady gave me a riffle through her sweetbox and I selected an orange coffin with a real sugar skeleton in it! You can actually hold the whole thing up by its head and it's too tall to fit in its own coffin. We made our escape but got diddled by the no right turn onto the Eastern road and had to have a long detour through lovely Copnor.

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