Sunday, 1 January 2012

The lost day

boy with bruised bridge of noseBud got up at 11 to have breakfast. Nanna rang at 1130 to say happy new year and why aren't you out in the park? I got up at 1230, which is in fact the afternoon. I helped eject Jof from bed at 1pm and she wasn't happy. She was even less happy when she got EBS (Exploding Butt Syndrome) but at least we had some breakfast (2pm). Then there was a period of mooching, lurking and loitering. Time meandered in an unpredictable way for a while, but we were cool about it. Here I am sporting my latest injury (just you wait until bathtime and they discover the new crop of leg bruises) that I got when I bounced off the foam into the doorframe.
lego monster king witchdoctor It has ruined my looks and I may never work as an international supermodel again. I wonder if Ben has a similar damage. Then Jof returned to the sofa and we delivered some stuff, picked up some stuff we'd left behind and visited the JBs. Johnny has "WitchDoctor", the larger-than-life king of the lego monsters, and very impressive with it. Soon they will come to play with my Lego Electric Train (all one word). I could get used to these late nights, but I'm back to school in a couple of days. I hope they don't mind me rolling in at 1pm.

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