Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sleeping on the sidewalk

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Today begins the resurrection of Wednesday Park on specific request from Ben who has spare energy to burn and tends to get ebullient if he doesn't have a suitable outlet.
I scooted across to the park at the usual time to find Ben setting up. He appears to have grown since I saw him last but his Mum says that's just a jumper that's got too small. We climbed the biggest rock and tried to knock each other off with a football, then the JoniBobs arrived and joined in, and even Football Harry turned up. There was quite a lot of swinging on the monkey bars and then we had a game of football in the usual corner. This did not quite go to plan. Although I constantly shouted orders nobody seemed to obey me. Harry also likes shouting orders so I simply doubled my output to drown him out but it didn't work. Generally, at any given time, two of us were howling. Bobert howled the most but then he did get a high-speed ball in the tummy from Ben's boot which can be pretty strong.
monkey bars and climbing frame in the park
 Ben had a couple of 'Roid rages and in the end Jof had to come over and be a control rod, dampening the nuclear reaction. Then Ben knocked his Mum's tea all over Cal and earned a shouting all of his own.
When they suggested we could go home if we couldn't behave, that got an even more howly response so we played quietly on the climbing frames. The darkness chased us home where Bud made me do spelling practice again.

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