Friday, 27 January 2012

A single drop of rain

lost fingers to dodgy fireworks funny signHappy Friday to the world, especially our Muslim brethren, whose Fridays are Sundays (back to work tomorrow, guys).
Got in the golden book again for mathematical feats so with the 6/7 on the spelling test, I must be due a £1 coin into my Lego Train Track fund.
A lovely day until 20 minutes before school pickup, when I made it hail and monsoon. Then, glorious sunshine for the walk home. Then, a monsoon of hail once we'd safely reacquired the safe house.
All 3 of my grandparents are chipping in to help us buy a new car: can I have the amphibious Maserati flying cannon digger please? At swimming class, I was allowed to jump into the deep end with no flotation devices and swim back to the edge 4 times. I can practically feel myself being crowned with the the yellow hat of success.

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