Monday, 30 January 2012

My name, on your lips again

lightning is flash photography for google earth
First day as a regular Beaver, infiltrating the secretive organisation to bring it down from the inside. Or maybe I'll just have a great time making cookies and earning badges.
From school went straight to Puddleducks to drop off some colouring books from the big clearout. We met Helen, the one with the comfortable chest we all liked. She's manager now after Gemma, her predecessor, left suddenly when she was caught eating the kid's food.
In Beavers I wore the new top and he bought me the T-shirt and scarf and woggle. I know everyone's laughed about dib-dib my woggle and it's a word I'll never be able to say straight, but seriously, couldn't you have come up with a better word for a noose-tighteny-loop of leather? Anyway, 2 policemen came to talk to us and one was the tallest policeman in the world. He was 7 foot 13 and had to come into the room on all fours. They showed us the special emergency buttons on their radios and said how fun it was driving down the street with woo-woos on and how they really mustn't do it when they're only going out to buy milk.
My spelling words this week are even more difficult. I tried manfully and came up with soxes (success), fockoes (focus) and ginier for ginger because I got my J the wrong way round.
Today, Zoe (Martin's girlfriend) interviewed successfully for the position of cleaner at my school. Present at the interview were 2 pupils who asked inane questions of the calibre you'd expect from 6 year-olds. She starts Monday.

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