Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sleeping with the enemy

sexin baby toy funny engrish
In April, Keith Richards and his childhood friend Mick Jagger will have completed 50 years playing in the same band. We have footage of the Piddlers playing in the same band from 2009 so in 60 years this will be priceless. But what will the band name be? We probably can't be The Piddlers, but by then tastes may have changed, Piddletown in Dorset was renamed Puddletown by haughty yet repressed Victorians in denial.
houses of parliament on fire with fireworks, school project guy fawkes papier machoDid a lot of playing dens, and a lot more spelling attempts. I'm very consistent in my inaccuracy.
I'm also no longer allowed to use the TV remote control. I play with the buttons so much the Sky box gives up and we have to keep unplugging it.
This is my "Houses of Parliament on fire with Fireworks" seminal masterpiece in card, chalk and glue, a product of last term's fiery theme. It's very papier macho.

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