Monday, 9 January 2012

Sleeping under the stars

no girl hunt here funny sign
The beginning of a new week and a new spelling challenge from my teacher. Last night I tried to write the words out sight unseen and got 1/6 right - Wind. My efforts for the others were as follows -
playing shops with chocolate collectionPhether (feather)
Feaold (field)
Amaes (amaze)
Ptaitoes (potatoes)
Craion (crayon)
I shall improve.
Plotted with Erin and got her back to mine after school where we bared our buttocks at each other and played Nippleshow once again, comparing areolæ in detail. This seems normal to us but Bud laughed a lot. Then we opened a sweet shop on the toy shelves but miraculously there was stock shrinkage - I blame those light-fingered staff. After supper we polished it all off anyway.
Poor Erin is to lose Dylandog today. ErinsDad just isn't a doggy person but they have found a new owner who is a vet so Dylan will either have a long and healthy life or a short and painless one.

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