Monday, 2 January 2012

Turning the page

funny product sign is your skin thirsty, try yes to carrots
 Now I'm 6, I have to take my responsibilities seriously. I'll wear a tie to School council meetings. I'll write my thank-you letters. I'll brush my teeth properly instead of sucking at the toothbrush while performing an old Romanian folk dance. I'll use the hatrack instead of saying the floor is more comfortable because of all the coats and scarves scattered everywhere.board game based on monopoly

During the day I invented a board game based on things I know: you throw multiple dice, move that many spaces but with additional factors: landing on a blue makes you go 8, red makes you go 5, filled-in red makes you go backwards, orange = 10. And you can put pubs down and if you land on someone else's pub.... well, it was complicated.
LED lit scooter in the park with head torch in the darkness
Once he'd run again my idea of a scoot in the park finally came to fruition. The Pompey football match was nearly over and it was getting dark, so we turned on the scooter-lights and Jof brought me my head torch. I scooted round and round in the darkness, lighting my own way.
Suppertime brought the Indiana Jones & the alien temple skulls with baddies and jungles and man-eating ants (again). And just like last time, I spent so much time saying "He's been eaten by ants! Why was he eaten by ants?" that I missed all the plot and the dialogue and had to keep asking what was going on. Why do they keep telling me to shut up when I don't know what's going on? It's not fair.

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