Monday, 23 January 2012

A wider piece of sky

fail funny riddle coat of paint staircase
This morning brown water ran from all the taps. First brown milk, then brown water, what's next, brown juice? I expect it's full of nourishing iron but we won't try it.
Second free beaver tonight so had supper #1 early, after extended lego recombination.
home decorated biscuits for scout fundraiserThis time I went on the bike but stuck to main roads rather than the park as the roads have advantages in the dark such as street lights, the park has disadvantages such as inky blackness, unguided running dogs and teenagers trying to hide in the shadows.
We played football and then lined up to wave at the flag when the lady blew the whistle. Then there was dodgeball with 2 older scouts acting as bomb aimers: through superior snake-hip action I won!
Then we were separated into a good boys' table and one for the bad ones: we decorated biscuits to sell for scout funds. Then finally we asked the lord to help us be better scouts and left the older, green scouts to take over the hall. I'm definitely going back.

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