Saturday, 28 January 2012

The phantom Power-Walker

power walker on all weather tennis courts
Up before 0800 in a world first, but was happy to play myself at battleships. Wisely invested £1500 from Blind Uncle Len in the bank and met Erin shopping. She was in a grump because her dad hadn't bought her the right present: I had an identical grump for exactly the same reason when I found I haven't yet saved enough money to buy a packet of Lego track. Some more bath fizzers from the charity shop brightened me up.
finnish tree lopper tool cutting tree branchesWhile Jof went off to buy me some new shoes (I unscrewed my feet so she could try them on) we did the park tour where we saw the Power Walker again. She is very determined and goes up and down the white lines of the tennis courts for ages every week.
gymnastics sitting splits competitionA lazy afternoon followed. I was just challenging Jof to Battleships when Bud reminded me of the Xmas tree task. We were notified of an Xmas tree going begging by BensDad and it's been sitting in the back garden awaiting destruction in preparation for its ultimate fiery fate. Last week Jof bought some new choppers for such tasks: I tried them out and was stunned. They're excellent and as I have been fully qualified on choppers for some time now, I set to work and denuded the tree in no time. You can see the chopped-off branches in this picture: I have a big chopper and I know how to use it. The whole lot is now drying in my Wendy-house.
Then I beat Jof at battleships. Then Pops turned up and we did jumping and dens and splits and all the other stuff I do with my joint top girlfriend (with Erin).
Just looking forward to an extremely fizzy fizzer night.....another classic fizznight. Coconut/shea butter with Ludovico Einaudi (Le Onde) tinkling the ivories. Then, because I enjoy sliding around in an empty yet slippery bathtub: Youtube videos. 1: Olympic luge. Then, mountainous ski jump. Then, ski slalom, topped off with the Torvill + Dean 6.0 Bolero gold medal ice skate.
I will sleep well, dreaming about ice and its benefit to society.
Bed: 1030. I love everything.

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