Friday, 13 January 2012

Sleeping, while you were (PG)

stop looking at my tits engrish funnyHow the hell do I think I'll make it / when the real test comes and I just can't fake it?
Spelling test day today, but happy Friday anyway.
On the way back from school we popped into the tattoo shop to see how much Bud's tattoo would cost (£30) but Jof says no way so never mind.
Victory!! I got 5/6 on the test. I still can't spell field but such is life. I got a pecuniary bonus into my Lego track fund as a reward, a few more golden book-related tranches of funds and similar will see me operating a veritable network.
Swimming was splendid, we used long knotted floats that looked like those long balloons the man uses to make sausage dogs. In no time I'll have graduated from my red beginners cap to the orange headgear of the intermediate. As a mark of respect Bud brought home 14 (count them - 14!) of the giant clingfilm tubes from his work so I'll never run out of cannons. He says most will go into the loft with the carpet tube and the cable drums for use at the next bonfire. Ben also put us onto (a whisper from a geezer in the elephant) one of his friends who has an excess Xmas tree outside his house - we'll collect that tomorrow. If it wasn't for the lobster pot of disappointment we'd be onto a winner. Hooray for everything!

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