Saturday, 7 January 2012

The lobster trap of disappointment

bouncy ball wall game, official graffiti
Saturday mornings are great. I stayed in bed until 930 when tea and milk arrived. After a leisurely breakfast we did the bottlebank tour to include a swing and a slide in tunnel park and some bouncy-ball-against-the-coloured-wall game. I purchased 3 giant slices of black pudding from the inestimable Bransbury Park Butchers for tomorrow's slap-up breakfast, honestly, he practically gave us the whole sausage. Then we headed back to Erin's old road where Jof had promised me a hefty wickerwork chair, basket or similar for this afternoon's bonfire.
burning a witch at the stakeShe'd seen it on her run last night so it was dark and she wasn't sure exactly what it was. It turned out to be an extremely elderly and deceased lobster pot, with a rusted metal frame and a few remaining corroded nylon strings. We couldn't burn it.
victory at the tall flames bonfire of cardboardLuckily, we'd already liberated the substantial stake from a house for-sale sign from a skip by swingpark, so we didn't return empty handed. I heard them planning something: what's being burnt at the stake? Is that when you leave the meat on the BBQ too long?
While he ran, Jof took me shopping and I got a new bike helmet and extremely loud hooter. I agree with that Clinton chap that heaven is hooters. We tried and tried to get Ben a new lego hero for his birthday present but the only lego we could find in toysruss were enormous boxes and we couldn't afford £120 for the yellow train. We all met back at the house and I set to destroying Box #6. It has served me well so I chopped at it, stabbed it, jumped on it and finally won. Using the flame-maker that Bud won at the new year's party, I lit the fire myself. I was burnt at the stake but that sort of thing is routine fare for a being who has reincarnated as often as I. And yes, you can still clearly see the scorchmark on the wall from the allegedly unexploded firework from the 5th November PuddleParty.
The evening was spent playing Monopoly. He reckons he'll win when we finish it tomorrow but I've got secret plans. Bath fizzer night continued as normal, Foreigner's Greatest Hits finished well before I was even washed, when I'm rich and famous the wet room/party venue will be a 24/7 bangin' club event.....

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