Thursday, 26 January 2012

Prophet warning

jesus is watching adult movies funny sign
► Prophet sharing only amongst the top employees, all others to be volunteers.
►Collect pew fees from all praising and paying members.
► Increase prophet margins by raising seat prices for special occasions (comfy cushions extra).
► Minimise not-for-prophet activities.
► Send out easy-prophet bots into cyberspace to increase online revenue streams.
► Keep your core products imaginary for low packaging costs and increased gross prophets.
► Use tax loopholes to remain a pre-tax prophet.
► Greater net prophets mean more chocolate sauce on your propheteroles.
Thursday, a day like any other day. I got into the golden book again for going up a reading level to a new colour. Just call me Agent Orange. But then I fell into an immediate sulk at going home time when he wanted me to carry my own lunchbox. I stropped so much I hid in full sight behind a wire fence and pretended not to see Poppy who was standing next to me.

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