Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mama don't allow no parkin' (Brownsville Station)

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Wednesday park...damp, but good. We played steal the hat from the silly man and were helped in this by a reception year kid in Moles, my old class. There was a lot of running around, some white Maltesers that Bud won in a coffee machine competition at work, a lot of dodgeball, climbing, bomb aiming and hat theft. In all that time there was only about half of one wail, Bobert got annoyed that the hat was lost on his watch, but who's counting.
pyramid of ropes climbing apparatus in parkNone of us wanted to leave but it was micro-drizzling and dark so it was destiny. BensMum has to decide whether to move to Bracknell (after she'd finally achieved her girlhood ambition of buying a house by the sea) and Jof's day was enhanced by the entire Hampshire police force (including helicopters) arriving outside her office. That's what you get when the bank around the corner has an armed raid. Wish I was there, there were more flashing lights than the arcade slot machines.

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