Thursday, 5 January 2012

The phantom fat mattress flytipper

fart control funny road sign
Windy again! 'Tis all them beans.
There's a new signpost on our road about picking up dog poo. Once I'd read past "Dogs fouling the pavement" I declared I didn't like reading: Bud said that's fine, my son, for the world will always need illiterate street sweepers. Perhaps there's an opening in confidential waste disposal - any operative who can't read the doomed documents must have an advantage over the other applicants.....
This evening the neighbours have left a fat mattress, a metal bed base and one of those giant garden umbrellas on the pavement outside our house in the hope that the binmen will take them tomorrow morning. Maybe we'll jettison them right back over the wall if their evil and lazy plan does not work.

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