Sunday, 8 January 2012

The albino squirrel

wooden playground apparatus and adventure park climbing ropesSlouched out of bed half nine-ish and ordered scrambled egg on toast to go with my black pudding. It was like a hockey puck, next time I'll only ask the butcher for a normal-sized slice.
feeding the animals in the parkDid the town Sainsbury's while Jof took advantage of the refunds desk at M+S. From there we walked direct to Victoria Park where I climbed all over the rope frames, wooden playground equipment and the little red train. Their hanging basket only swings one way but it goes really high. We also pushed slivers of carrot through the mesh of the animal cage: the lazy rabbits were comatose as usual and couldn't even be bothered to investigate the dune of assorted foodstuffs that had built up on their side of the fence. The guinea pigs at least feigned interest but adding my one carrot to their existing array didn't impress them. Then Jof saw something strange in the undergrowth by the railway line: an albino squirrel! I didn't know they did them in white. It had red eyes. It seemed to be squirrel central so we wandered over and persuaded some of them to come down out of the trees (like the early primates the priests don't talk about). I didn't know they liked Kit Kats either, but I can report that squiggles have tickly little fingers and will take food right out of your hand. They're much more fun to feed than the swans at Baffins Pond - smaller and less likely to eat you.
albino squirrel in tree, victoria park portsmouth
Back at home, Bud was declared winner of the monopoly game we didn't finish last night: he had £3700 in loose change and was busy buying everything on the board when we died.

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