Thursday, 19 January 2012

We are stardust, we are the children

happiness is submission to godzilla hacked church funnyToday is the class trip to the Planetarium in Chichester. Apparently we get to wear space helmets and shoot aliens while walking on the sun. I might be wrong about that. This is part of my term project/subject of the moon. When we got there the door was locked so we had to phone them to let us in! We sat in the globular auditorium and watched the fantastic light display.
planets of the solar systemThen we went through a variety of other rooms with videos etc and did some drawing. All of it was ace. The man told us about a meteor that hit the earth at 50 miles an hour and made a big crater. He passed around a sample which was cracked. This was not my fault, it was like that when I got there...
Speaking of ancient rocks, it's my first show'n'tell. This time I have a small selection of fossils to display, all lovingly collected from the Jurassic coast of west Dorset. I passed them round the class: my first question from the floor was "Where did you get them?" I answered "the fossil cliffs", but luckily the teacher knew where that was. I guess I needed extra coaching before starting on this. The second question was exactly the same as the first: bit of a waste as that was all we had time for.
home made board game
In the afternoon Bud and I did more spelling preparation for tomorrow's test. I have a decent chance of getting at least 4/6 again, but I still can't get television. Then we finished my board game. It's exactly the same as when I designed it - well, the layout and track is, but he's spruced up the design a bit so you can see where you're going, plus it looks a little better. He has some experience with board games and it all looks cool. I filled in the reservoirs in red. Then I sat with the TV and ate slightly burnt leftover sausages and a cold potato. Tip: if the child is watching TV, they won't be looking at what's going in the mouth. I had proper supper later anyway. Jof came home, ate, and went straight back out again to make birthday cakes. Don't know whose birthday it is...

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