Friday, 20 January 2012

Monster Raving Loony Party

winner of the star of the week class awardAt last - not before time. The day of my birthday party held over from the busy Xmas period. In order to halve costs and double the fun, it's a joint party with Ben.
School spelling test result: (Envelope, inside, tube, explode, television, prize) 3/6. Could do better, see me later. (see you, Jimmy). But this paled into insignificance when I won the Star Of The Week award for "Always being enthusiastic and keen to learn. A pleasure to have in Otters class. Well done"beer being carried in a childseat, irving brewery type 42 and invincible
Jof had taken a day off to prepare for the party by cooking millions of sausage rolls so she picked me up from school.
I later discovered that this was because Bud was going to a place called Irving Brewery just near our Sainsburys where he bought some brown milk (Type 42 and Invincible, full of vitamin B) to keep the PuddleDaddies happy while we were playing in Horizones tonight. When I found that the brown milk had been given the star treatment in the car, I was most miffed. Here's me trying to pull a miffed face. Admittedly, it speaks more of colic and piles, but there you go.
homemade lego birthday cakes on star wars tableclothsMy afternoon TV was interrupted by Ben who came round to eat sandwiches at me while the Mummies loaded up the car with all the sausage rolls.  giant slide horizones havantlego birthday cakes with burnt out candles
lighting sparklers on lego cakes

coin operated car rideAt one point a mouse ran past so Bud put out some little plates full of blue seeds and made us promise not to eat them.
Ben and I drove to the party and met Rosie and Zak on the road. Then the rest of the world turned up and we got busy with the climbing and the running and the jumping and the ball-throwing and the screaming. Gradually we stripped and had the sausage rolls and the world class cakes as produced by JoniBobsMum and the PuddleMummies. The tablecloths were the Star Wars originals from Bud's 7th birthday in Libya. We blew out the candles and then Jof lit the sparklers (a pair of sixes. It was supposed to be 666 but we lost one). Bit by bit everyone left and we stayed on to clear up. By the time Bud had irresponsibly sourced some Deep Blue fish'n'chips and we sat down to eat, it was ten past 9. I started opening my numerous and generous presents: there's still some to go but I've seen a DVD, lego hero, actual cash and a metal detector so far. I was still babbling at 1040.

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