Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Through my mind she runs

butts wynd st andrews scotland funny sign for americans
Back to school. Surely those high street outfitter window billboards stating "Bak to Skool" etc are setting a bad example, or does it imply low expectations?
Anyway, at school I got a sticker for turning 6 and we missed 2 playtimes because it was so stormy and rainy outside. Supper was 2 kinds of pasta in cheese sauce with extra cheese, and 2 veg. One of the strings of tagliatelle made a bid for freedom: I grabbed at it but somehow the act of grabbing made my plate pirouette through the air like a Level 5 Pops where it made sticky friends with the carpet like a Level 7 Ben.
lego train set and wooden train track arrangementThere was silence as the Magic Cleaning-up Man salvaged the stricken sauté on behalf of the compost heap and the TV remote disappeared forever into the pocket of unforgiveness.
I was desperate, desolate and derelict as well, why not. When Jof got home a motion to starve me to death in punishment was narrowly defeated 2:1 in a tense vote. And what do you know, he made it all again from scratch, shows that Jof's the boss, I guess.
Later I found the jar of those little solidified droplets of coloured glass that seem to be so popular nowadays and created a King's procession on the Lego railway.
Bud has to start work at 0500 from now on so he may go to bed before me. I shall laugh at him.

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  1. OMG have missed the Profs birthday!!!!! BAD FRIEND!!! Will make up for it at the party....


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