Sunday, 22 January 2012

Let them eat cake

standing on a bike obstacle
Dropped a carton of brown milk off at the JoniBobs so it wouldn't go to waste, then continued to the supermarket. Jof did the actual work while we went to a new and interesting park in Drayton. It's got a roundabout, swings, slide of death, 2 climbing frames, a hole in the fence where you can watch trains going past and some little hills for bikes. I didn't have a bike so we ran up and down them. boys playing computer gamesFollowing a lazy afternoon Ben came round to play computer games and lego. We opened the last of the presents and spread everything over the floor because that is what floors are for.
cutting the birthday cakeEven though there were only 2 Daddies, they still gathered in the kitchen and drank all the brown milk and talked about house prices and rodent infestations. And even though there were only 2 Mummies, they gathered in the lounge and drank tea and talked about relationships and emotions.
Then we cut the world-class homemade cakes and lit the last sparkler (and its number was 666) and ate cake. Thus, surrounded by Lego and Star Wars, passed the final instalment of our Sith birthday party.

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