Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mother, let me back inside

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Day 1 of my new back-to-the-womb sleep regimen.hanging basket in park

The drizzle we'd had all day stopped by Wednesday park time leaving everything damp.
jumping off the rock climbing wallWe were the only ones in there until Ben arrived so we took advantage of the empty hanging basket. When the JoniBobs arrived, Johnny got in but Bob stood outside the ring of doom and tried to hit us with the football as we orbited with vomit-inducing speed. We did assemble in the football area but as soon as Johnny stole the ball from me while I was measuring out a 25-yard run-up, I got in a giant huff and manually removed the ball and hid it. In the end we did the usual climbing, chasing each other around and so forth that you'd expect in the summer.
Playing "Bumpercars" (armless boxing where you chest-butt each other) was quite good until Ben got me in the throat, I should expect it really, being 6 inches shorter than the rest of them. That was one of only about 4 howls between us all day, a much better howl ratio than last week. We started the jumping-off-the-rock game but by then it was dark so we left.

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