Saturday, 21 January 2012

Clearout Saturday

short grade 2 haircut, boy sorting out books
In the morning we got up late and left the house at nearly noon. 1 quick bottlebank later, we reached the charity shop where I was able to buy 2 items from the 20p bucket with the reward money Jof had given me for being the best in class (or was it best in show). Then I got a bonus orange lollipop from the nice lady at Sids' who gave me a grade 2 haircut.
Later Jof wanted to defend againt visiting mice so she cleaned the kitchen, hoovered the house, went to B+Q and bought some branch loppers, cleared out the playroom and made me get rid of half my stuff.
Also: I have opened all my presents and lost all the cards so I don't know who gave me what. So all I can say is thank you all very much for all my wonderful stuff. I hope Ben got as much as me. I know he was on the beach this afternoon because Bud ran past him.

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