Friday, 6 January 2012

'Going the extra mile' - Jefferson Fracture (1975)

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At breakfast, Bud came home. I thought he had been on the early shift again but no, he'd been to the hospital. This was a checkup on the neck injury he sustained in the Den of Foam at Erin's New Year's Eve party. Ben and I were attacking him when Erin jumped on his neck from behind, and funnily enough he's been in pain ever since. The doctor said it wasn't a Jefferson fracture so he wasn't dead but he must follow 2 new rules:
1. Lots of beer and tablets until the pain has gone
2. No more being beaten up by kids (child abuse)
So, while it's been lovely these last 3 years having Mr Silly going the extra mile to allow the Piddle Team to assault him, the time of walloping is over as the time of criminal responsibility draws near. Definitely his fault, though. At the same event I myself cracked ErinsDad a good'un right on the funny bone with my sword (it was very funny seeing him dance around the kitchen shouting all sorts of spells and incantations) and Elizabeth certainly perpetrated a couple of fist-to-willy incidents at the JoniBobs Xmas party. It was OK when we were 3, but we seem to have grown bigger and heavier. So we'll have to think of something more genteel to do while the Puddlers are drinking beer. Monopoly tournament, anyone?
At school today I got a kindness sticker for giving up my playtime to tidy up the classroom after goldentime cutting/sticking escapades. I made a flying tank with 2 straw needles that suck blood from people and poison it and pump it back into the bad people. It's my MalariaBot.
I also got into the golden book for maths: I got all my maths problems correct, which pleased GranDad when he phoned in the afternoon. He said that GrandMa had got a Gold Star from the hospital: maybe she got all her sums right as well.
BensMum met us at Tesco and came back for a cup of tea. I showed her the immense cable drum that he brought back from work, she was impressed. Plus we gave her loads of tube rockets for Ben.
After swimming (I'm getting really good at floating on my back like a corpse - I inherit the floating ability from Jof) we met Jof and her driver Kat whose van had died halfway up Goldsmith Avenue, adding extra merit to the going-home traffic jams. We gave her a jump start from our car battery! Father/son Avenging Rescue Team helped another damsel in distress (see our earlier exploits in which we rescued a granny locked out of her own house!)

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