Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dr Gonzo breaks out the Crunk Juce

christmas turkey chicken suit fancy dress costume
funny cats on drugs coffee cocaine Straight out of the hat, there was a Mistake. The online warehouse from which Bud had purchased his New Year's Eve PuddleParty silly costume had sent him the wrong one. Instead of All-in-one Chicken Suit (adult), they had carefully sent Christmas Turkey (boysgirls). feeding fat christmas goose at baffins pondIt fits me fine and I may well wear it to the next party. This, combined with the possibly inadvisable policy of not opening the package until the morning of the party, had left him in something of a bind so we hopped on a bus (still free for those of us who are small enough to pass for 4) and high-tailed it to Baffins Pond, where I fed some pigeons.  feeding the ducks and pigeons with breadcrumbsIt was supposed to be ducks, everyone knows about feeding the ducks, and we did indeed see ducks, but mostly it was pigeons, a swan bigger than me and 2 very fat'n'eager geese that took the bread right out of my hand as I reversed away from the clucking flock. Checking that I was still in posession of said hand, we got him a replacement suit at only twice the price of the original, but at least it was also twice the size. We bussed back and stopped off at SwingPark to have a go on the hanging basket. Swinging with me today was Willow, classmate of mine, birthday girl (7 today) and non-stop talker.
entrance to den in bedroompink packaging foam makes a good denfancy dress kids with clown, pirate and breeze 2.0She rabbited on, screamed, predicted vomit, and generally wittered on to the embarrassment of her mother and my general disbelief. I said she was crazy. Bud said that was because she was female. I have much to learn.
We were dressed and ready for the short walk to Erin's by 6pm. Then we waited patiently for an hour and a half for Jof to put on her extensive costumery. She looked very frightening and I demanded that she come nowhere near me with those nails.
 When we got there we checked our weapons at the door: yes, we all had weapons so attacked each other and any passing adult unmercifully. JoniBobsDad retaliated with a fart to Ben's face.
crunk juce can and shot glasses crunk juice
kids lined up on sofa to watch tvErin's bedroom had been turned into a den with tents and drapes etc: entry to the facility was via a cupboard so we were protected against adult invasion. There were several bales of pink foam from Bud's work so we scattered them and made a padded den. We found we could also jump off cupboards etc onto the foam and we could not die. This was great until I overshot on the foamy bounce and skinned my nose on her bedroom door: Ben did likewise and clanged his forehead. That's when we were told to stop.
harry hill lookalike asleep in chairkids falling asleep on sofaprizegiving ceremony for fancy dress contestantsLater there was excellent food and then we trooped into the front room where we were forced to watch a video/slideshow of ourselves shot by a secret cameraman (from Nero to Hero) over the last couple of years. It was fun seeing our little selves (some of us were 4, practically still in nappies) but we got bored after 20 minutes and wandered off, leaving the rest to hoot and laugh at me fighting Ben in the bath. As usual, Ben started to strip off while watching the DVD, must be something he's picked up from his parents.
Even later we all got awards with medals and Mr Men books and sheets of stickers for being great people, some kind of lifetime achievement prize for general grooviness.
Then there were fireworks and we all went onto the pavement to mill about a while. Then we did even more foamy grotto work and had a film but in the end we were all falling asleep, and the kids weren't going much better. After all, it was already tomorrow.
I caught the beer taxi home (Bud's shoulders) and got to bed for around 2am, but snyrtles to everything, I'm 6 now so can get in when I like.

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