Friday, 30 December 2011

Abstinence makes the arm grow stronger

engrish christmas greeting and a happy new yearVictorious yet again at Ludo, this time: the others just haven't got that killer instinct and joy in the demise of others. On a promise from the Bens to take me to see Happy Feet 2 so once we've finally ditched Nanna at the train station I'll leave directly.Saw agent Nanna off at the station dead on time, into the guard's carriage for safe-keeping. Directly outside, Agent Ben's handlers were at the rendezvous to spirit me away for the next mission and we vanished into the night, giving Interpol the slip. Meanwhile, the safe house was cleaned and swept for bugs.
lego electric train setThe film was excellent and immediately afterwards I danced down the aisle followed by Ben and several extras (unpaid). He came back to mine to play with my new train and I discovered that Andrew, Louise and Kiera had visited and had left me a 3-in-1 lego motorbike. Bud set about building it while I tried to combine wooden track with the lego one. The wooden bridges were too low to allow the mega-train to pass unhindered so we abandoned the idea as incompatible. Shame, but there you go. We will start on a lego bridge (troubled waters, here we come). Then, just when you thought we could relax, Jof has to go back to work tomorrow and the costumes are incomplete. Sigh.....

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