Monday, 12 December 2011

Hanging on the telephone

no celery phones please funny engrish sign Due to an administrative error I was only issued with 2 Grandmothers so we're waiting for news from Grandad about what the big cheese doctors think.
Today was my first pleasure junket on the company account - a visit to the Junior school for games and a slap-up meal (cheese sandwiches, micro sausage rolls, grapes and sweeties). It's good to be a school representative.
christmas lights in the shopping centreAfter school we dashed through on-off rain showers to Bud's dental appointment. The nice hygienist scraped his teeth and drilled them with a drill that sounds like bees. I discussed my day in a basso profundo voice that I have gained since catching a cold. I describe it as "having things stuck in my neck". I said that when I grow up I wanted to be a Doctor, Policeman or dumper truck driver. I could hear them laughing at me even through the noise of the swarm-of-angry-bees drill.
After the torture session (having to shell out £53 for having your teeth drilled) we wandered off down the pretty precinct with all its trees full of lights and dropped in on Jof at her work. They all smiled at me and I helpfully found the one broken bulb in the Xmas tree lights string that Kat had trodden on and was the reason the lights didn't work.
I also nipped into Knight and Lee to salivate over the Lego set I'm saving up for. It's still £100.
Grandma is too ill for visitors so we are told to wait until Grandad rings again in a couple of days. Incredibly, the cat has returned after 2 days. Who knows what kind of trans-dimensional time-jump portal this crazy creature has fallen through.

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