Saturday, 10 December 2011

The south coast shimmy

trainee gymnast with raised bench and wall barsA Saturday morning like many others. I had boiled egg with toastie soldiers, because that's what Ben had last week. I finished it including the boring white bits of egg.
Ran for the bus and travelled to gymnastics in style. It's the final session of this batch and I shall look for another gym to bring smiles to next year.
school gymnasium with climbing ropeWe got to try out all the equipment that unfolds from the walls and could go on whatever bit we liked. Here I am on the inclined bench where you do forward rolls: there was also a balancing beam (4 foot off the ground, pales into insignificance against the cliffs, roofs and castles I've traversed) and a trampoline (bounce high so you can do a quick Vitruvian Man impression in mid-air). Then at the end, we all lined up and were judged by the teacher. I reached level 7 so I got a spiffing certificate and a boffo round sew-on patch. I have to take the certificate into school next week because they ask us to bring in all achievement awards to copy and put on display. Also, it just so happens that later today Jof and I are visiting Nanna so I will ask her nicely if she can sew it onto my Portsmouth Gymnastics centre T-shirt I just so happen to be wearing today. Nanna likes sewing and has a sewing table in the corner of my bedroom at her house.
After lunch we left Bud to it and shimmied, sashayed and stumbled off due east to spread joy and gibberish around Sussex! Nanna reckons I've grown (we had to put a brand new pair of trousers in the charity shop pile this morning) so we'll wait for measuring day in 3 weeks to pin down the exact amount. I was somewhat tired after dancing like a whirling dervish for 2 hours so after a fish supper, I took myself off to bed, vomited twice for good measure and slept well.
A cordial welcome to my latest follower - a carol-singing couple in Canada! Grandma and Grandad have been choristers since Nairobi 1968, OK, so we don't do the religion thing but a decent bit of harmonious melody never did anyone any harm. Let's hope Grandma recovers to do Carmina Burana one more time.

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