Saturday, 24 December 2011

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all was beerily quiet.....

christmas eve with chocolate, tv and woolly jumpersDull and overcast, but who cares! Lazy day of train track, shopping and TV. Then the Pops invited us over for drinkies....
impromptu comedy performance to make the girls laughIt was only supposed to be a quick visit for a mince pie and a sherry.
doggy style bondage game
Doggie Bondage
But then we got supper, they got supper, we played doggies and card games and running up and down and bondage and everything, by the time we realised Pops had little mini-bags under her eyes it was 1030 so we scooted off so Santa could make his deliveries. Jof and PopsMum got very serious playing Top Trumps, I wowed the girls with my "1001 things to do with a poinsettia leaf" game and Bud brought round one of the dusty bottles from GrandMa's pantry that time forgot, we watched films and barked a lot.
Ideal christmas eve, the giant dragon'e egg bath fizzer I don't know about will be held over until tomorrow.

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