Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bubonic plague, necrotizing fasciitis and scurvy

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Looks like I have my annual cold: I have the voice of a deranged chipmunk and hooting cough, also my ear feels like the Naval Provost has clouted me with a nightstick so I invaded Jof's bed overnight. Looks like it'll be the yellow medicine again.
I had a great day in school: we had to write a list of things we liked about it and I needed an extra sheet of paper. Thus I got the extra advent calendar chocolate (serves them right for using the Gregorian calendar) for being a super-scribe.
After school he made me do my penguin book homework and read about dolphins. Then I loaded up on warm clothing and went to Wednesday football for the last time. This tragic turn of events was due, in part, to further funding issues or pitch booking issues or whatever it was this time, but as Wednesday football was a free bonus (even cheaper than the massive £1 a session we used to pay) you can't complain: all good things come to an end and the nice man thanked us for attending which gave his teacher-pupils valuable command experience. Really I think they all enjoyed messing about like the rest of us, and Ben has certainly learned a lot about getting teenage girlies to hug him. It rained quite a lot in the middle of the hour but that didn't scare us. Nor did the big lightning storms flashing away far out to sea.
Grandma is starting out on a long road to recovery. Quite how far down that road she'll get and how long it'll take her to get there we just don't know, but I'll see her in a week and spread the lurve.
If you can share your toys without getting in a huff
and not ask for extra chips when you've had enough

If you can sit alone and happy while all the others
are crying all the time and pestering their mothers

If you can keep your head while all about you
are singing a song where the only word is poo

Do what you're told by either Mum or Dad
but not ask him how many beers he's had
If you can dream of filling up your Master Blaster
and throw stones into the sea with your arm in plaster

If you can draw a pirate ship, and pirates too
but not argue over pens, green or red or blue

All play upstairs while the olds are eating
stick together when you're trickle treating

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it
but you can't be my kid, so you'd better split

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