Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tomorrow never comes

making paper lanterns with nannaBut who cares about tomorrow anyway. Today I'm spending most of the day with Nanna which is nice, as it's someone else to order about. I have told her at length about my ideas for getting myself on TV. First, I have designed (in my head) a dinosaur which doubles as a storage unit. Made from halved plastic bottles, it is shrouded in papier mache and once finished, will sport a concealed flap near the shoulder which opens to reveal a secret compartment for hiding special things. I shall create this item while giving a running commentary/instructions in a Blue Peter way while Bud films me: once the networks pick it up, I'll be famous!
Nanna and I spent the morning making lanterns. We drove home through the rain and I showed off my new ability as co-pilot. Having been taught how to read the speedo and the road signs, I now keep an eagle eye on both and advise immediately when the speed limit is being exceeded. To be fair, I also told her to speed up when we were going up a hill and the poor old car just couldn't go any faster. Nanna had given me a checklist of things to spy: numberplates with Xs in, Tesco outlets and women with brollies. We only scored the last one as we pulled into our own road.
Grandad phoned to say that Grandma wasn't getting better but the big doctors would be back at work tomorrow and hopefully they could do something. Even the cat has vanished, probably eaten by a fox.
I had my bath fizzer night held over from yesterday.

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