Thursday, 15 December 2011

A life less humdrum

Welcome to my newest follower, lego fan and fellow wordsmith in Massachusetts. Only 7 billion humans to go, then I'll move on to Gliese and Kepler.
lego camera laptop and letterboxtin of tesco value spooge in tomato sauce Another great day at school when yet another Father Christmas clone came and doled out presents. The gifts in the girl's bucket looked larger but in my heart I knew they would be all pink and glittery so I selected one from the boy's tub. I vomited only once. I passed the time in the doctor's waiting room by crawling under all the chairs for secret agent training: the doc gave me the usual yellow medicine that I like to have every year. Tomorrow will be my last day at school: hooray for the hols! To celebrate I built a camera out of lego. With only minor modifications it can also be a letterbox, laptop and picture frame.
Grandma has now improved sufficiently to be able to berate Grandad (reason unspecified). While this is a good thing, this is not a good thing.

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