Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Day of Reckoning (6th Day)

shipping crate den for boys
BD plastipak 100ml vetinary syringe as bath toy
Ben Dover... this won't hurt a bit
Up early but not as early as Nanna. After jam on toast it was time for the great counting session. I tore open all my birthday cards (and 3 more giant vetinary syringes for bathtime squirting fun) and hey presto, my total fund for the great lego splurge was ... £140! This means I can get the train track, a decent base square for tower building and some considerable leftovers.
crashed car in ditch with safety sign failBlind Uncle Len gave me £1500 worth of bonds again so I'm set for life. It's not so different being 6 but I'm working on it.
lego electric train track with level crossing and platform
Ben came round to celebrate with me and we played balloon attack robots. He brought me a lego monster with extra fangs and claws, I built him rapido and hung him off a bridge, as you do. Then he took 2 fossils with the promise of finding me some better ones in return in the summer. Measuring day was a success and I have indeed grown a bit in the last 3 months. Then he went for a 10 mile run in the rain while I took Nanna to lunch in Knight and Lee. Right outside the cafe is the lego wall and I selected the desired infra-red remote controlled electric train, a base-board for towers, a yellow digger, level crossing and some spare track. Once we were all gathered together, the building began. After only 3 bottie-breaking hours, the set was complete and we switched it on. Then we nipped out to buy some more ruinously expensive batteries and switched it on again. I'm sure there were instructions somewhere but I pressed all the buttons at once and exploded into space.

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